Monday, August 10, 2009

Work Travel . . . . . .

I'm in St. Paul, Minnesota . . . .for the first time ever. Home of the Vikings and the Twins, my husband's FAVORITE teams. However, I think I missed the excitement, wherever that may be here in Minnesota. I am sitting here in a hotel room, after a full day of training, looking out at what appears to be a lovely, abandoned office building . . . .and right next to that, another . . . abandoned  . . . .office  . . . .building. I am also lulled into a twitchy coma by the constant humming of a sander and the rat-a-tat-tat of a hammer or two or three in the hallway outside my room.  Ahhhh . . .work travel . . . .:-)
The silver lining is that I am being trained to go back and teach our schools how to implement an awesome data collection system that will help them track student behaviors and identify specific problems so that they can begin to DO SOMETHING PROACTIVE about it!  I love that our district is finally moving towards a much more proactive approach to academics and behavior, and hopefully moving away from simply being reactive. It's funny, whenever I'm at a training or event like this, I am driven to WRITE WRITE WRITE. I've been to Omaha, Florida, and now Minnesota within the last year . . . and for those opportunities, I am grateful.
 I'm also traveling with a colleague that has very kindred beliefs when it comes to Positive Behavior Support, so dialogue is always meaningful, and when we're not talking (during training) he's marking on me with pens, kicking my chair, and turning off my computer monitor . . . . . . . . yep, I'm all about making those real connections . . . . . and actually considering some Positive Behavior Support techniques for the mischevious Frank.
Tonight, we celebrate our mutual birthdays at some random restaurant, talk about missing our spouses and kids, and hope for a night of rest before the next cram session begins.  
I'm not sure how it would feel to never have a learning curve ahead of me, and I don't ever plan to find out! 

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