Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Superintendent . . . .

I've been silently reflecting all day.  I had the chance to hear our new WCSD Superintendent speak to the public last night.  My personal and professional investment in this district have increased tenfold in the last few years, so last night was very important for me.  I have seen so many wonderful things happen in the district and I have also become painfully aware of some changes that need to be made . . .and fast.  
My first impression was youth and confidence, Dr. Morrison had a great energy!  He seemed comfortable with the very diverse audience that was full of administrators, parents, retired teachers, students, and people from our business community.  He answered questions with ease and had a great plan to present.  He was also a humble man, which I appreciate in a leader.  The piece that really stood out for me though, was the "village" approach he is taking as he enters the role of leader.  I feel passionately about ALL stakeholders (teachers, administrators, families, communities) being fully committed to our children's education.  I have seen, more than once in the last 12 years, so many educators that simply treat education as their "JOB". It's so much more than that, we have the amazing gift and responsibility to INSPIRE, LOVE, CHALLENGE and CELEBRATE children!  As Dr. Krystal Kuykendall has stated, we are "Merchants of Hope".  I feel that our new superintendent has the same vision and philosophy, and I am excited to see where he can take us.  

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