Thursday, June 17, 2010

Precious days . . . . . .

"Quiet down cob webs, dust go to sleep,
I'm with my babies, and babies don't keep."
~ Author Unknown

A friend posted this quote on my facebook page the other day, and I identified with it down to my core. All married couples have their little "pet peeve" arguments, ours is CLEANING. I'll admit, I should have been born into nobility, for there is nothing I despise more than cleaning. It irritates me, makes me crabby and steals time away from my kids. I remind myself, and my DH (dear hubby) often that soon enough, our house will be very quiet and very clean. I am not looking forward to the days when there are only echoes of the kids spatting and memories of messes, I know that I will miss them. So, I'm going to continue to stand tall and say: I am a woman who lives in a cluttered, messy house, and what my children will remember is that I rarely put the cleaning in front of precious time with them. No apologies. I'll have plenty of time to clean (or hire someone to do it) later. ;-)

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  1. I love this!!! I too must of slept through the classes on how to be Debby Domestic! I hate cleaning, it is a waste of just gets dirty again! Meanwhile life just keeps moving forward and babies keep getting bigger. I too want to be the Mom who played not the Mom who was obsessed with keeping a perfect house! :)

    Your Neighbor,